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Every great corporation has a Story to Tell. It is our job to tell your story, portraying and conveying what makes that corporate history important and compelling.

Recently, the New York Times said that storytelling is the next big thing in branding and communication. There's nothing new about it. For thousands of years, storytelling has been the way we tell our story to friends, family, customers, suppliers and the public. That’s what we do. Our team can help you dig deep into your corporate DNA and produce everything from a traditional book and eBook to video and social media programs. We have worked with companies like Anheuser-Busch to help create THE GREAT AMERICAN TRADITION: The 75th Anniversary of The Budweiser Clydesdales. Recently we completed a full-color book for the J.M Huber Cooperation, one of America’s largest family owned businesses.



The CorporateCore Advantage

The idea of using storytelling to help market a company or brand isn’t new. Lee Iacocca and Jack Welch are but a couple of the corporate leaders who’ve written books about themselves and their companies for the general public. Countless private and public institutions have created books for their anniversary, employees, stockholders, suppliers and customers.

Today we call it content, or more specifically we help you create a working corporate archive. This may become a book, an eBook, an oversized picture book, YouTube videos, social media content or whatever the next “great” thing might be. Since you, your management and marketing teams, and your agencies need to decide where it fits, our job is to help you become more focused.

First, and foremost, we need to match you with the right writer(s). Our team includes experienced publishing veterans. We can recommend formats and creative approaches. We also have the experience and established reputations so that if you decide the finished product might best be published by a trade publisher for a general audience, we can guide you in that direction.

Our team also includes marketers sensitive to the role storytelling can play in your marketing efforts. It is neither our intention nor our desire to supplant or compete with your marketing team. We’ve been there and done that. What we do want to do is to create the most useful content package they can use. Having lived in their world gives us the expertise to work with them to give you a cost-effective deliverable that they can use to build your brand and increase your profits.

What is the CorporateCore advantage? Experience. Creativity. A multi-disciplined approach. It’s all wrapped up in something called Storytelling. That is what we are all about: defining and telling your story.



Our Team



RICHARD BARBER, Co-founder“The best are surely those who have the clearest vision of the difficult job that is before them, and yet notwithstanding, go out and get it done.”

Richard Barber is the founder and senior partner of A. Richard Barber & Associates, a literary agency and consultant to major publishing and Internet companies. He was also the Director of Development for Network Enterprises, Inc., where he supervised the creations and writing of television and film properties. As a Senior Editor and Director of Public Relations for Viking Penguin, Inc., Rich worked with many well-known authors such as Stephen King, Saul Bellow, Graham Greene, Frederick Forsyth, Billie Jean King, Jimmy Breslin, Larry L. King, William Price Fox, Joe Haldeman, Donald Westlake, Ken Kesey, Robert Herring, Stanley Marcus, Tom Lorenz, Frank Deford, Sally Bedell Smith, John Weisman, Peter Mass, Tom McHale, Thomas Pynchon and Edward Bunker. Mr. Barber was a guest lecturer in publishing at New York, Harvard and Radcliff Universities.


PETER BERINSTEIN, Co-founder“Business is about adapting to the unexpected and being able to find a way to turn it to your advantage.”

Peter Berinstein provides creative and technical expertise for the purpose of conceptualizing and executing publishing projects on behalf of corporations in both the public and private sectors. He has worked with clients such as Anheuser Busch for which he helped develop The Great American Tradition: The 75th Anniversary of the Budweiser Clydesdales, and Groberg Films, an award-winning television documentary company he is assisting in the development of a companion book to Faith and America's Founders, a PBS film exploring how the founders' religious backgrounds and beliefs shaped many of the enduring hallmarks of America, and Huber at 130, a full color, 104 page book for the J.M. Huber Corporation, one of America’s largest family-owned multinational companies. Peter was credited for outstanding achievement by the New York City Partnership and Chamber of Commerce for his efforts in producing the book, New York: A City of Neighborhoods. Peter’s BA was earned in Communication Arts from The American University, Washington, D.C.


MICHAEL SLOSER, Co-founder“To successfully build a brand you must be consistent, credible and stable. That way it’s integrity will survive generations.”

Michael Sloser's early career was spent at Franklin Spier, Inc., an independent advertising agency later acquired by the Omnicom Group. Hired as a copywriter and Account Executive, he went on to become a Vice President, working for a number of major publishing houses, including St. Martin's Press, Random House, HarperCollins, Doubleday, Dell, Harry Abrams, Princeton University Press, and Arbor House, among others.

Like many restless marketers, Michael took the challenge and struck out on his own, creating The Mesa Group. Along with his partner, Mark Greenberg, a former VP at Warner Publishing, he created a multi-million dollar-a-year agency with a host of media accounts, including St. Martin’s Press, G.P. Putnam Sons, Atlantic Press, Dow Jones Books, General Media and The Leon Charney Show.

Some of the major authors Michael created marketing and creative campaigns for include James Herriot, Doctor Seuss, Mario Puzo, Nora Roberts, Rosamund Pilcher, Tom Clancy, and Thomas Harris for his first bestseller, The Silence of the Lambs. Michael served for many years on the Board of Directors and was elected President of the industry association, The Publishers' Ad Club.

Whenever Michael and his Mesa Group team would begin a new project, their mantra was always “we’ve got to tell a story.”

WILLIAM SCHECKEL, Social Media Director

WILLIAM SCHECKEL, Social Media DirectorWilliam Scheckel is a global marketing advisor whose expertise includes social media, digital branding, marketing communications and business development. Since 1992, he has worked with many of the world's leading brands, including IBM, Shell, Deutsche Bank and SAP (where he served as chief-of-staff for global marketing), as well as with heads of state such as King Carl Gustav XVI of Sweden and Chancellor Helmut Kohl of Germany. He teaches undergraduate and graduate seminars on social media at the New York Institute of Technology and advises start-ups, cultural institutions and growing companies around the globe on customer care, audience engagement, product launches and fundraising matters.

He received his BA from the University of Chicago and his Magister (MA) from Universität Konstanz, Germany and serves on the board of several cultural charitable organizations in the New York Metropolitan area.


ROBERT WINDELER, AuthorRobert Wendeler, the author of 16 non-fiction books, is a veteran writer on a variety of subjects and a longtime critic, primarily on the arts and entertainment. He has written a number of well-received biographies including those of Julie Andrews, Burt Lancaster, Mary Pickford, Edie Adams, and Shirley Temple. His corporate and custom publishing credits include Vanishing Values, a history of the 20th and 21st Century Insurance Company, written with its Founder and Chairman Louis Foster; the corporate history of the 110-year-old Kern Sunset Oil Company; and Not Counting Tomorrow, with noted restaurateur Jeff Ruby. Robert also produced four commemorative histories of prestigious California country clubs: Links With a Past, the centennial history of The Los Angeles Country Club; a one-hundredth anniversary history of Pasadena's Annandale Golf Club, and fiftieth anniversary volumes on Thunderbird Country Club (From Desert to Oasis) in Rancho Mirage, and Eldorado Country Club (Fifty Golden Years) in Indian Wells.

A former correspondent for Time magazine and The New York Times, Robert was a special correspondent for People magazine, and also served as the West Coast Editor for The New York Times Magazine Group, which at the time included Us, Golf Digest, Tennis, Family Circle, and TV Guide Australia. He has also contributed articles to the Los Angeles Times, Daily News, Herald-Examiner; Architectural Digest, Film Comment, Ladies Home Journal, TV Guide, The Sondheim Review, Palm Springs Life, Good Housekeeping, Stereo Review, Newsweek and London’s Sunday Observer magazine.

For fifteen years, Robert taught non-fiction writing at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Communications, and at UCLA. He was a longtime arts critic for National Public Radio, on such programs as “All Things Considered” and “Performance Today.”

Robert Windeler earned his B.A. in English from Duke University, and an M.S. degree, with honors, in Journalism from Columbia University's Pulitzer School of Journalism. He also did post-graduate study at Cambridge University.



LOREN LIEBERTHAL, Executive Creative Director

LOREN LIEBERTHAL, Executive Creative DirectorLoren has been busy. For more than two decades, he has been crafting copy, concepts, branding and strategy for a variety of disciplines on two continents. He has considerable experience in consumer advertising, business-to-business marketing, pharmaceutical advertising, and arts and entertainment. His titles have ranged from Senior Copywriter to Copy Chief and Creative Director.

The work has ranged far and wide, including launching new healthcare initiatives for Merck Animal Health and a new subsidiary product for Verizon; expanding the marketing and communications platform for UniLever (internationally), which crossed traditional and new media channels; extensive copy in the UK for the Coca-Cola family of brands, including cross-promotions with Harry Potter and FIFA World Cup.

On this side of the pond Loren has also maintained a diverse portfolio. For E*Trade, he contributed to a massive online contest; for AT&T Wireless, he crafted dozens of solicitation emails. On the print side of the equation he has written copy for a special project for the Trump Organization, a number of arts organizations, and classic ads and collateral for NASCAR, the Life Extension Institute, Network Solutions, and more.

His corporate writing includes the first-ever Annual Report for HotJobs, as well as corporate communications, white papers, annual reports and marketing for Hughes Telematics, Inc., Corporate Investor Communications, Meridian Capital Group, Kennedy Funding, Kushner Properties, Chase Manhattan, and Willow Grove Bank, among others.

Media in all its forms has been hospitable to his skills, and his experience covers radio, video, tv, and social media—in fact, he has tweeted for money. And once upon a time he was a radio DJ.

Loren's BA comes from New York University and his MFA from Rutgers—East Coast in training…worldwide in scope.



SANDRA KAHN, Design Director

SANDRA KAHN, Design DirectorFollowing graduation from Art School at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, Sandy joined the ad agency Young & Rubicam as an Assistant Art Director. She moved on to Ogilvy & Mather as their Graphics Supervisor. Following this, she was hired away by Portfolio Graphics Services, Inc., a Division of KCS&A Public Relations to become their Vice President and Managing Director. Sandy then became the Design Director and Project Editor of the General Book Division of Reader’s Digest, Inc. responsible for their large volume, highly illustrated, four-color consumer trade books covering travel, legal, medical history as well as gardening, do-it-yourself, nature and religion.

Some of the titles Sandy oversaw included “Our Glorious Century, The Illustrated Great World Atlas” and “Bible Through the Ages.” She has marshaled design and print projects for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York and the American Merchant Marine Museum, and now heads Corporate Corps book design team.


MARC NASDOR, Web DesignMarc Nasdor produces images and code for fully-responsive websites for display on desktops, tablets and smartphones through his company, Poodlecannon. In addition, he creates designs and graphic images for print materials and art installations. Clients have included book publishers, art galleries, large and small businesses and world-renowned visual artists.

Telling Your Story

AB Clydesdales
The Budweiser Clydesdales Celebrate their 75th Anniversary
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Faith & America's Founders
Celebrating the First Amendment
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Huber at 130
A Corporate History: 130 Years and Counting
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A Book of Cape May
A History of Cape May from 1450-1937
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The Players Almanac
The Players Club, New York City
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Annaly Annual Report / Collage
Annual Reports: Crafting a Concept
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Supplying Allied Victory in World War II
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Gallant Ship, Brave Men
The Heroic Story of a World War II Liberty Ship
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Every company has a story.
What’s yours?

CorporateCore Blog

September 2016

MICHAEL SLOSER, Co-founderThis is a blog about storytelling. That's what we do. We hope someday we'll get to help tell your story. But for now, let us show with a few tips how other companies enhance their brand through story.

Tip 1: Go back to your roots. As companies age, they tend to forget how they started. Since many companies bear little resemblance to their initial form, you may have to dig. But somewhere in your past, the founders, the products or services, or the stories written long ago can help you incorporate your narrative into the growth of your brand. You just have to know what you’re looking for.

Tip 2: If you're still in the same business you started in, say so. Let's take Hilton Hotels. Conrad Hilton bought his first hotel in 1919. That’s nearly 100 years ago! Today there are Hilton Hotels in 100 countries and territories. Yet as Conrad Hilton often said, “our mission is to spread the light and warmth of hospitality throughout the world.” But they’ve evolved. How they got from then to now could make a great story across all media and brand marketing. What about your company?

Tip 3: No clear-cut story to tell? No problem! Look at how the major political parties do it. Every four years they come together to elect candidates for President and Vice President. Think of it: they have the core brand of the party PLUS the message of the candidates to deal with. How do they do it? They tell a story. Think about the July, 2016 conventions. What did they do four days and nights? They told stories, lots of them. All with a purpose, all designed to sell their candidates to the public. This year they didn’t even bother with much of their historic brand. It was quite a story!

Tip 4: You do what you've always done. The product you make may look a little different, and have technology no one even thought about way back then. But you do it well, and people keep coming back for the latest and the greatest. That's a great story to tell. Better yet, your founders or early leaders may still be around so make them a part of your story.

Tip 5: Make it human. It's so easy to talk about the technology, science and statistics about your products or services. There's good reason to do that, since your competitors are doing it as well. But there's one thing your competitors can't do: tell your story. Your brand represents the sum total of everything you hope to offer your customers, stockholders, distributors and employees. But if you're selling Dodge automobiles, the “Dodge Brothers” humanizes the company and the products.







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